Self Storage Units Available in Memphis, TN

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Memphis, one of the youngest cities, is an irony of sorts since it shares its name with a very old Egyptian city.

With a strong religious background, Memphis is the home to buildings of different faiths ranging from Hinduism and Buddhism to Baptist, Catholic, and Presbyterian. The Church of God in Christ is located in Memphis as well. Within the church’s vast compound is the National Civil Rights Museum.

Big Money
In spite of its pendulum like swings in temperature, cotton and lumber grow well here and have contributed to being the two primary industries in Memphis.

From the Old to the New
This city, with its holy places and shrines, is also a cultural haven and this land has been the birthplace for iconic musicians such as Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Justin Timberlake, and many others.

April may be hot and sunny, but it is also the month when the event “Africa in April” is celebrated. Spread over three days, the event is a culmination of African culture and art which is a delight for non-Africans as well to watch and participate in.

When the heat of summer reduces, the people of Memphis celebrate Memphis in May which is a whole month of cultural events. People from different cities and counties throng to Memphis to participate in these celebrations. In a rather quaint fashion, Memphis also celebrates events such as the Barbecue Cooking Contest and the Sunset Symphony.

The month of June sees the Memphis Italian Festival. Some of the other festivals include the Cotton Festival and Cooper-Young Festival. All these festivals are displays of art and culture and give Memphis folks the chance to meet and interact.

Memphis is also recognized for its contribution to the world of music and has been the birthplace for different genres of American music. Like New Orleans, Memphis has a pulse and there are plenty of music/instrument players in Memphis.

Store Your Instruments and Anything Else
A city which offers so much cultural, artistic, and culinary delights has to be the hub of tourist activity. People are constantly flowing in and out of Memphis and Memphis self storage facilities are in great demand with so much activity. Do not worry though, you still have several choices. offers varied options in self-storage facilities. Devon Self Storage in in TN 38116 for example charges around $38 for a 5’x10′ sized unit. Climate controlled storage units take a precedence here to combat the swing in temperatures. Many of the self-storage facilities offer RV and boat parking options.

Outstanding Help and Service
Tourists normally worry about security and self storage companies offer them 24-hour security surveillance, with fenced properties and full lighting. Many of them have staff in hand to help people in their selection as well as in their moving-in times. If they do not and are not cooperative, then find another storage company.

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