Self Storage Units in Minneapolis, MN

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Minneapolis with its abundant water holes is more popularly known as the “City of Lakes”.  It is also known for its mining industry and as a result of its ecological advantage has also been the city of debate in terms of mining and its effects on the ecological environment. The Mississippi River which flows through this city has ensured that Minneapolis remains one of the largest populated cities in the State of Minnesota with more than 3 million residents.

With a rich timber industry the city is also home to many Fortune 500 companies. Its cultural heritage is another big draw which ensures that it has a steady stream of both business and recreational tourists.

Minneapolis self storage facilities in this city are spread across and are available in all areas including North Minneapolis, St Louis Park, Hiawatha Avenue, Bloomington, Edina, Eagen, and Lakeville.

Rentals range from $39 onwards and offer various amenities including cool and heated environments, packing facilities, independent entrances and computerized secure gating for individual usage.

Minneapolis has over 20 storage facilities all within a 15 mile radius of the city. The storage facilities are designed for individuals as well as for business needs. A simple unit for individual use can cost a little over $2/- per foot. This rate may come as a surprise to those who are used to spending only around $1 per sq. ft. but this more than 100 percent rise in price is a tribute to the growing importance which Minneapolis is taking on in the world map as a destination of choice for travelers from around the world. The prices also vary according to the popularity of the area with densely populated areas being more expensive than the ones situated a little away from the main city. The cheapest unit could be available for approximately $30 for a 3’x 5′ sized unit. But even here, this kind of a simple unit comes with amazing amenities like climate control, drive up access, and so forth.

In Minneapolis there are more than storage units to choose from. While one could end up paying as less as $1.00 per sq. ft., the average price would be around $2.11 for a sq. ft. This increase in price is related to the fact that cost goes up in areas where population is thicker than in thinly populated localities. The most expensive units are in the Lake Region and here one may have to pay $65 for a 6’x 7′ sized unit.

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