How to Navigate Tricky Service Situations in Self Storage

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There are many elements involved in the success of the self storage business. The customer service has proved to be the most essential element involved in the success of any business. Better customer service proves to be a cut above the rest. Customer service is the most effective and easiest way to be one step above your competitors. With good customer service the tenants remain happy and they market your service unknowingly. You can use number of marketing techniques to get a customer walk through your door but to retain that customer you need good customer service, then only he will stay.

In removals and storage business it’s all about customer service, as there are only two elements involved; one is the customer you are dealing with and the other is the service which you are offering. The success of this business only counts on the basis of c-sat (customer satisfaction). The higher the c-sat, higher will be the chances of your business being popularized.

There are sometimes when a tricky situation arises, then it becomes tough for the person who is sitting at the front desk to respond to that tricky situation. First and foremost, it is really important for the person who is in-charge of the customer service to have a thorough knowledge of the products and services you are offering. If a person has the in and out knowledge of the services then it becomes very easy for him/her to maneuver or improvise. Some of the tricky situations are illustrated below.

· A phone call and a walk in customer simultaneously?

· Unit size customer needs is not available?

· If a customer lodges a complaint against you or any of your colleagues?

These are some of the examples where one can get boggled and responds inappropriately. If the representative is prompt and knows about the business properly then it will be a cake walk for him/her. Let’s answer the above mentioned questions according to the experience.

1. A phone call and a walk in customer simultaneously: Now in this situation there are two prospective clients at the same time one on the phone and one in front of you. It is important for you to entertain both the queries because no one wants to loose a customer and eventually there are two in this situation. So what can be done here, always take care of the customer who is standing in front of you that is actually basic curtsy  For the person over the phone you can take down his number and schedule a call back as soon as you have resolved the query of the person standing in front.

2. Unit size customer needs is not available: In this situation it is quiet simple you can go ahead and offer the two units which sum up to the customer’s requirement or slightly bigger or smaller unit.

3. If a customer lodges a complaint against you or any of your colleagues: It is really important that the complaint should be addressed at priority. Make sure to the customer that your company has acknowledged the complaint and the respective representative have been sensitized. As soon you acknowledge the complaint the better are the chances that the customer cools off and will not complain about it anymore.

So to handle any tricky situation you have to be confident about your knowledge of product and you should have excellent customer service skills.

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