Legal Evidence Storage in Houston, Texas

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Preserving Evidence from a Crime Scene
Process of evidence collection begins with protecting the crime scene. The objective is to prevent the facts from getting contaminated until the law enforcers can record and collect them. A successful criminal lawsuit can get disrupted due to a wrong data collecting method. Due to this reason, police departments provide special training to those who are in-charge of crime scene proof collection process.

Important facts
This process begins with the arrival of crime scene investigators. Sometimes arrival of extra crime scene investigators contaminates the crime scene. This is the reason it is prohibited to drink or eat while on crime scene. Every particle is important and even an extra grain of dirt can disturb the investigation process.

Examination of crime
Investigators attempt to gather information about the crime scene before examining it. This provides them an insight about what to expect. Crime scene investigation is a slow process. There is no place for haste in this. Only methodic examination reveals the vital facts and leads the investigators closer to the conclusion. Legal evidence storage Houston TX is another important part of the investigation process. However, this part comes later on.

Different types of evidence
The crime scene investigators approach the scene without any idea about what to expect. Different types of facts can be scattered around and everything else is important. From shoeprints to hair strands everything is important. Investigators use different processes to collect different data.

Liquid blood stain is common in any crime scene. However, due to the liquidity it is not easy to collect blood stain sample. Investigators use cotton cloths or gauze pad to collect blood from the crime scene. Storing blood sample is also difficult. In case left without storing properly, the sample becomes useless. Therefore, it is important to refrigerate the sample within forty eight hours of collection. In case it is not possible to send away the sample quickly, the investigators allow the blood sample to dry in the air before mailing it.

In case of dry blood stain, investigators wrap the blood stained object in clean paper and send it away to the laboratory. It is a mistake to attempt to remove the stain from the object. In case the stained object is too small for sample collection, the investigators send the entire object to the laboratory after wrapping it in brown paper bags. The idea is to prevent contamination.

Hair strand can reveal a lot about the criminal. Therefore, investigators attempt to collect hair strands from the crime scene. Similarly fibers and threads can lead the investigators towards the conclusion. Such objects are collected using fingers. To preserve the objects investigators use paper bindle.

Apart from these, fingerprints, glasses found in the crime and fluids are considered as vital evidence in crime investigation. In case the crime has been committed inside a vehicle. Investigators will treat the vehicle as the crime scene. They will preserve and store away the entire vehicle for further examination.

Professional approach is required to collect and preserve evidence. Sometimes the law enforcers hire external help to store large evidence like vehicle and other objects. It is important to preserve the objects in a place where these will not get contaminated.

Author Bio: George Steven is a freelance writer and his area of interests and expertise lies in forensic science and accident or crime scene investigation related matters. George has his own blogs and websites where he discusses about various aspects of the Legal evidence storage Houston TX.

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