Pre Hiring Queries for a Self-Storage Company in Seattle

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Seattle, quintessentially a major coastal seaport, is also the famed “seat of the King County”. Reckoned for its bustling trade and business activities, its fresh tasting water from the tap, and multitudes of entertainment options, Seattle is a highly preferred destination both for work and for play. One of its other claims to fame is also its prominent musical culture. Apart from well-developed jazz scenes, of late, Seattle is being known for its indie rock and indie dance music too!

A City of Fresh Air
Referred to as the “Jet City” on account of the Boeing influences (Boeing still operates there) and also as the “Gateway to Alaska”, Seattle has succeeded in building a reputation of sorts for its robust economy and sustained industrial development. Although, the economy was affected in parts because of the global recession, it has managed to recover slowly yet steadily. Therefore, Seattle could be the ideal place to settle your work life down in, keeping the current economic volatility and recession in perspective.

Planning Stages
So, if you are contemplating shifting to Seattle and settling down, a self storage facility near Seattle could be one of the first things you would need. Thankfully, Seattle provides a wide plethora of options to choose from. However, attempting to choose from an uninformed perspective could misguide you into making the wrong choices. The best thing to do, therefore, would be to ask a few questions outright, before finalizing on your selection. Some of the most important ones have been discussed below.

What kind of storage service do you provide?
If you are contemplating hiring Seattle self storage facilities that also provide moving services, they would be able to assist you to move your items inside the storage unit. Some service providers might also offer a free moving service provided you enter into a long term contract with them. If you need mobile storage, you need to ascertain that they proffer containers for this intention or need.

Will my stuff remain secure? What kind of security do you provide?
Considering that you would be handing over your stuff to them, security should be your prime concern. Make sure, they have proper locking systems, video cameras, and whatever else it takes to ensure all-inclusive safety of your goods. How about TV monitors in the office so the property is always being watched by someone?

Do you provide special features too?
In case you wish to store special items like those that warrant climate controlled spaces, or ones that need delicate handling, make sure the Seattle storage units you choose extends this offer. Make sure the storage unit is water proof since it tends to rain a little in Seattle.

Primarily, these would be the major queries to put forth when you evaluate storage service providers in question. In addition, you may also wish to know more about the years of experience they have and check upon some accreditations as well!

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