Range of Services Provided by Chicago Based Self Storage Companies

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Boasting of a picture perfect cityscape, Chicago, the third most populous city of the United States is extensively visited by tourists and professionals alike. Often nicknamed “Chi-Town” or “The Windy City”, Chicago attracts swarms of tourists each year, on account of its resounding nightlife and waterfront allure. The city’s rich cultural heritage and notability has been duly expressed through various novels, plays, and other works of artistic and literary creation. Too bad its economy is in the doldrums.

Tough Times for Chicagoans
Chicago is also a bustling business hub and is on the list of the world’s most prominent business centers. The metropolitan area is home to scads of corporate headquarters that have not left this bankrupt state because of high taxes and excessive regulations. A high level of diversification has made it one of the cities with the most balanced economies in America but this does make up for the high pay of teachers who are striking right now while private sector workers face high taxes and a poor business climate.

A Wonderful Idea
If you are planning to temporary relocate to Chicago, a self-storage service provider could make your life simpler. In case you have limited storage space, your surplus furniture and other items can be easily stored with Chicago self storage facilities. Before you choose a service provider for the same however, a detailed idea of the range of services offered by storage companies in Chicago would certainly come in handy.

Packing and Moving Services
Some of these storage utility services in Chicago would also be offering additional assistance for unloading your stuff that you want to store for now. They would be responsible for renting a truck, loading your stuff and unloading it to provide for a safe and secure storage. Therefore, if you are looking for comprehensive assistance for packing and storing your art, kitchen cooking items, boxes of books and so forth, it would be essential to seek one such service provider.

Mobile Storage
If you opt for a mobile storage service, your storage company would be delivering a storage container to your driveway or on your curbside, to allow you to pack your TV, tables, chairs, and so forth in the fashion of your choice. Once the container has been packed, it would either remain on your property or would be taken away and stored in a warehouse of your choice.

Free Pick Up and Storage
If you require a pickup service for collecting your items from your property and carrying them to the premises of the service provider, the same would also be extended by certain storage facility providers. You simply need to check into this.

Scores of other services offered by Chicago storage facilities include special and value added features like the ones required for storing fragile items, combustible or hazardous goods, and valuable items. You should know enough about these choices in order to make a prudent decision.

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