Find the Best Self-storage Deals in San Francisco

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San Francisco is a dramatic city, with a beautiful skyline dotted by skyscrapers and steep hills. A city that seemingly lives by the mantra “work hard and play harder”. San Francisco is the ideal location for many people. This city has plenty to offer to all – ambitious, young professionals dreaming of success and enjoyment, as well as those seeking a stable family life.

A Beacon of Hope
San Francisco is home to some of the most successful entrepreneurs and this has resulted in influx of several talented individuals to this area including the stunning Sharon Stone and funny man Robin Williams. San Francisco also has a lot of educational options that are available, for young and older students alike. Moving to a new area can be a demanding process and a huge transition in the life of any individual. Such movement increases the need for self-storage facilities since it is practically impossible to throw away items that are not presently needed since you may need them in the future.

Rent is high in this city and since space is limited, you may need to store some belongings in a city of this type and cost.

Features Offered by some Storage Facilities
Searching for self storage facilities in the San Francisco bay area need not be a stressful activity, with the plethora of options available. Many of the facilities that are on the docket are cheap as well as safe and that can meet your storage needs. With features such as climate controlled interiors, you can be assured of superior protection for all your items (if you want to pay for this; it does cost a little more). A climate control feature is particularly beneficial since the humidity and heat can cause damage to items such as furniture, art, clothes, and so on. But this cold and foggy west coast city does not have much humidity, so you should acknowledge this before signing that contract.

Other features provided in some San Francisco self storage facilities include the presence of security cameras, alarms, fencing, as well as adequate lighting and the availability of hand carts. Some, actually most, facilities provide drive up access and so you can easily transport and carry your belongings to and inside the storage space.

Outstanding Deals
Smart Stop Otis Street is a storage facility offering an exceptional deal wherein you can move in for as little as $1. The storage facility has a host of bright sports including keypad entry, video cameras, elevators, climate control, truck rental, etc. This is important because San Francisco is known for its huge homeless community and this makes many people feel unsafe and uncomfortable.

Some facilities also have storage spaces with high ceilings that maybe an interest to you. CSI Mini storage is a storage business promising free move in and one half off pertaining to the first two months of rent. Other excellent deals that rise to the top of the market include StorageMart which is offering 99% off on the rent for the first month and AAA Attic Self Storage that is tossing up a deal that goes for 50% off for the initial 2 months.

What can you say? The recession continues and some say California is in a depression because of taxes and regulations. With so many businesses hurting, you can take advantage of some amazing rates.

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