Preparing Your Bicycle For Self Storage

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Just like the patio furniture we discussed last week, most of you are probably about ready to store your bicycle for the winter months.  But, you don’t just want to put the bike away in any old manner or in any old place for that amount of time.  Let’s go over some steps and precautions you should take in storing your bicycle in a self storage unit.  Your bicycle is a tough machine, but you’ll want to take the time to care for it properly.

First, do not store your bicycle where moisture is present.  Moisture will cause your bicycle to rust and corrode.  Make sure that whatever self storage facility you use is dry and kept at about the same humidity level as a home.

Second, make sure to clean and grease your bicycle before storage.  Remove mud and grit from the wheels, joints, brakes, gears and the teeth of the chain.  Also, pump your tires before putting them in to storage.  This will delay the natural process of the tires going flat.

Third, make sure to hang your bicycle high in the storage unit.  You will protect the tires, and save space in the unit.  If you choose to store your bicycle on the ground, be careful not to stack anything on top of the bike.  This will cause damage to your tires.

Once the winter months are over, and it’s time to get your bike again, make sure to clean the bike before taking it out.  There is always a bit of dust in storage units, so spend some time giving the bike the treatment it deserves after being away for so long.  With this in mind, cover your bicycle with a cloth to protect it from dust or sunlight.

With a little attention, your bicycle can work great for years. To find a self storage unit near home where you can store your bicycle equipment, visit Online Self Storage.

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