Storing your Patio Furniture for the Winter

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Well, Labor Day is right around the corner.  Whether you like it or not, summer is about to end.  The days will get shorter, and the nights will get colder.  If you’re like most Americans, you have plenty of patio furniture that is quickly going to become unusable as we enter the winter months.  What to do with the furniture while the cold and snow are around?  It’s not fun to think about, but if you want to keep your patio furniture set looking new, you have to put it away for the winter.

Why do you need to store your patio furniture?  There are very few climates that allow patio furniture sets to be kept out all year without risk of damage.  Cold, windy, and wet weather can really damage patio furniture sets, cloth or vinyl pads, and umbrellas.

Before storing the furniture, you’ll need to take some time clean everything.  A pressure washer works best, using plain water or a mild soap solution.  Fear not, however, because even if you don’t have access to a pressure washer, a soft brush with mild soap and water will do.  After you have cleaned your patio furniture and allowed it to dry completely, apply a high-quality car wax to resin or vinyl sets.

The cloth or vinyl pads and umbrella should also be pressure-washed and left open to dry.  It’s very important that you give these cloth components ample time to dry inside and out before storage, to prevent mildew.

A self storage unit is the ideal way to store your patio furniture for the winter.  As always, make sure you rent a unit that is the proper size for what you’re planning on storing.  A 10×10 unit is probably ideal.  It is a good idea to wrap your patio furniture in plastic sheets or tarps to keep it safe from bumps. If you have to leave your patio set outside, be sure to wrap it thoroughly and secure the wrappings well.

By taking the time to put your patio furniture set away for the winter, you will get years of additional use from it.

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