Tips for Proper Self Storage

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Hello, and welcome to our new blog covering any and all aspects of self storage.  Let us know if you have any questions, comments or information to pass along.  Let’s go over five tips for proper self storage.

1)  Use a climate controlled storage unit to protect your items from extreme weather.

2)  Choose the right size self storage unit based on the items you want to store.

3)  Obtain insurance on your stored items if they are not already covered by your existing homeowner or rental insurance policies.

4)  Pack efficiently so that you can utilize your self storage space.

5)  Determine the best boxing and packing materials for your items.

Following these five tips will put you well on your way to making the best use of your self storage space.  Don’t forget to check out our expanded list of “Storage Tips” as well as our breakdown of “Storage Sizes” before making your decision.

One thought on “Tips for Proper Self Storage

  1. Some people think that storing items and belongings is just that – putting the things inside a unit and shut the door closed. In reality, keeping any type of storage has a proper way and cleaning is one of the first things to do. Sorting the items in an organized manner is also of importance. When a self storage facility is clean and orderly, there is less possibility of damage and it is easier to search for needed items.

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