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OnlineSelfStorageDirectory has millions of customers looking for storage - can your facility help?

We've partnered with SpareFoot, the largest, fastest-growing and most diverse storage marketing network. SpareFoot currently sends new tenants to more than 6,500 facilities across the US, and offers facilities about 2 times the leads and about 2 times the actual move-ins of other storage marketing services.

OnlineSelfStorageDirectory and SpareFoot work together to get you wide visibility and incremental customers. We’ll list your available units across more than 60 moving and storage websites, like Apartments.com and Moving.com.

SpareFoot has also teamed with Penske Truck Rentals to reach millions of Penske customers searching for truck rentals and storage. You’ll be listed in the storage section of Penske’s website, ensuring your facility is highly visible to all Penske customers.

We send you reservations from storage customers who are ready to rent. You only pay when a customer moves in--the profits are yours to keep.

SpareFoot gives you access to built-in tools and resources that make it easier to get more customers and run your business seamlessly. Setup is painless and fast--get started in minutes and start filling your vacant units today!

OnlineSelfStorageDirectory’s listings are powered by SpareFoot, the world’s largest online marketplace for self-storage. Want to learn more about getting more tenants? Fill out the form below and our friends at SpareFoot will contact you shortly!


Why Our Current Members Love Us:

"I heard some facilities were getting 10-12 leads per month from SpareFoot, and I felt left out of the loop. I wanted a piece of that! We got our first lead just one business day after signing up, and every SpareFoot lead since has become an actual rental. They reach outside our direct local market to bring in tenants from all over town, who wouldn't ordinarily find us. And the SpareFoot team gets things done quickly, from set-up to support - that matters to me."
Lisa Parker - Owner, Prospector Self Storage

"We use several web-based advertising and reservation websites. SpareFoot by far brings in the most reservations, with the highest rate of people actually moving in--more than all the others put together. And if the person doesn't move in, we pay nothing. You can't get any more fair than that. Try SpareFoot, you have nothing to lose but your excess inventory."
Paul Bulgier - Manager, A-1 Self Storage in Seattle

"Most of our SpareFoot customers come in within a day of their reservation. The rentals convert, so the service has definitely helped our new facility. Since we added SpareFoot, our facility has crept up in Google listings. Plus, the billing process is easy, and the people are very friendly and more than happy to help when I call in for support. I've tried a couple different services like this, but SpareFoot is the only one I really get rentals from. It's easy, painless - that's what I love!"
Kim Rumbaugh - Manager, Mayfair Self Storage

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